How to setup an ionomy Masternode (QT wallet)

To setup an ionomy Masternode follow the instructions as below:

1. Start ionomy wallet:
2. Select the Masternodes button, tab to My Ion nodes then click Create



2. Setup a friendly name for easier reference in your local node
3. Add your public IP and port (



4. Select the Masternode address just setup, click Get Config and copy all the text including the private key to the clipboard


5. Create ion.conf in Data directory
6. Paste the ion-qt generated configuration you copied
7. Change the following in ion.conf RPC USER, PASS, (set port to a free system port)



8. Send exactly 20000 ion to Masternode address, you can select the address and click Copy address so no mistakes are made
9. Let the coins you sent mature for 20 blocks
10. Restart the wallet
11. Click start all



12. Wait for Masternode network rewards



Your ionomy Masternode is now setup

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